Terms of use

1. General Terms and Conditions for Use of the Website / Store
All information and provisions published on the website www.prikarlu.si determine the terms of business and purchase of the products offered by Aleš Budja sp, Lackova cesta 76, PE Pri Karlu, Dupleška cesta 132, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia (hereinafter Pri Karlu), Please read the terms and conditions carefully before purchasing or registering in an online store, as by using the website you accept and agree to the published terms of business of the company and confirm that you were personally acquainted with all. Pri Karlu reserves the right to change the terms of this website.

The General Terms and Conditions of Sale govern the legal relations between the seller of the Pri Karlu and the buyers of goods and products from its sales program. The General Terms and Conditions apply to all relationships that are established between the seller and the buyer, unless the seller and the buyer explicitly agree otherwise on the individual rights or obligations. Only agreements made in writing are valid. All communications through appropriate telecommunication means (fax, e-mail, etc.) are also considered as written. To the extent that the seller and the buyer have concluded a specific contract or arrangement in writing, the provisions of the latter shall be considered as a priority for the duration of such agreement or contract and shall repeal the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions insofar as they govern the same field. These general terms of sale take precedence and void the buyer’s terms of purchase, unless the buyer and seller explicitly agree otherwise in writing. The General Sales Terms and Conditions, together with specially agreed terms, form a comprehensive agreement between the parties. To the extent that the seller and the buyer conclude a contract in terms of acceptance of the offer by the buyer, the general terms and conditions in question form an integral part of such contract. The buyer is familiar with the subject conditions with the notice on the offer and can read them on the seller's website at any time.

2. Informations
The Company undertakes to always provide the customer with the following information:

  • company identity (name, registered office, registry number),
  • contact information (email, telephone),
  • the essential characteristics of the goods,
  • accessibility of products (every product offered on the website is accessible within a reasonable time),
  • the terms of delivery of the product or the execution of the service (method, place and time of delivery),
  • prices (clearly and unambiguously specified, clearly showing whether they include taxes and transport costs),
  • payment and delivery method,
  • the validity of the offer,
  • the deadline for withdrawal of the contract and the conditions for withdrawal,
  • an explanation of the complaint process, including any contact information or customer contact information.

We strive to ensure that the information and information on this site is accurate and correct. We apologize for any errors and feel free to email them to info@hisabudja.si.

3. Sales program and quality of goods
The buyer must use the products as a good master and consistently according to the seller's instructions. The quality and quantities of goods are defined in the technical descriptions, safety documents and instructions for use available on the website www.prikarlu.si. The Buyer's warranty and warranty objection shall be extinguished in the case of purchasers' engagements in goods which do not comply with the Seller's instructions, or if the Seller's goods are used in combination with third-party products without their express written consent. The seller may introduce new goods or exclude certain goods from the sales program without prior notice. In the latter case, the buyer does not have any claims due to the possible damage that would result to him or her. such claims shall be waived. The seller ensures that his goods comply with the applicable regulations on the quality of goods in Slovenia and the European Union.

4. Prices
Prices in this online store are in EUR. The price of the products and the commercial conditions are determined by the seller. Packaging costs are included in the seller's product prices (excluding pallet costs). The seller may additionally charge the buyer's specific quality or packaging requirements or any other terms and conditions of delivery.

5. Payment terms and reservation of title
The payment method is an advance (pro forma invoice) or card / PayPal payment, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the seller and the buyer. Payment is considered to be made when the purchase money arrives at the seller's account. In case of late payment, the seller has the right to charge statutory default interest, which is calculated in accordance with the Law on the prescribed interest rate for late interest, or. other regulations in force in the Republic of Slovenia. The buyer is obliged to settle the interest calculation sent by the seller within 8 days from the day of invoicing. The seller has the right to charge for all costs incurred in connection with the recovery, and the buyer is obliged to pay them at the seller's first request. In the event of a judicial recovery of the buyer's debts to the seller, the seller has the right to unilaterally withhold the claim to the buyer, or to cancel the right to claim, the quantitative, value and other additional discounts or other agreed benefits in full. If the buyer delays the payment of past due liabilities, or if the sum of the buyer's outstanding liabilities exceeds the agreed or agreed value by the seller (approved limit), further deliveries to the buyer are made only in case of receipt of advance payment or in case of receiving additional collateral for payment of liabilities , as determined by the seller. If the buyer fails to settle his obligations within the agreed time, the seller has the right to immediately suspend all deliveries of goods until the buyer has settled all the obligations due. The buyer must settle his obligations towards the seller independently of the payments made by his own customers. The Buyer undertakes not to assign any claim to the Seller to third parties without his prior written consent. The goods sold remain the property of the seller even after they have been handed over to the buyer until the buyer has paid the full purchase price and any other obligations. The goods remain the property of the seller until the settlement of all the buyer's obligations, regardless of their foundation. If the buyer does not respect the mutual agreements, especially in case of payment delay, the seller is entitled to take the goods back. This does not imply that the seller has terminated the contractual relationship unless he explicitly states in writing upon receipt of the goods.

6. Supply and receipt of goods
The seller is obliged to deliver the ordered goods in accordance with the written confirmation of the order. If the seller of the goods delays more than 8 days beyond the agreed deadline, he is obliged to inform the buyer. In the event of delay in taking over the goods, the risk of accidental damage or destruction of the goods to the buyer passes from the day when the buyer becomes late. If the buyer does not pick up the goods made according to his individual requirements or special order from the supplier for them (eg preparation of color shades according to the buyer's order, goods made according to the explicit instructions of the buyer, goods specially ordered for the buyer, etc.), the seller first in writing draws attention to the acceptance of these goods. If the buyer does not pick up the ordered goods despite the express written warning after 8 days after receiving the warning, the seller has the right to charge the ordered goods to the buyer at the current price list and at the same time to be charged for any additional costs of storage, processing or destruction of these goods. The risk of accidental destruction or damage to the goods and liability for damage passes to the buyer upon delivery of the goods.

7. The ordering process
Adding products to your shopping cart
When a buyer finds a suitable product in an online store, they add it to the basket by clicking on the "store" button. Products are categorized, so they can also be searched using a search engine. You can add any number of products to your cart. When you're done adding, you can continue shopping or finish your purchase later. After completing the selection of products and inspection of the shopping cart, the buyer proceeds to the cash register. Products can be further changed in the shopping cart.

In order to proceed with the purchase, the buyer must provide the correct contact information and specify the method of delivery and payment. An unregistered buyer must first fill out a registration form and register before making their first purchase.

Completion of purchase
Before completing your purchase, please double check that the list of ordered products is appropriate. You will receive the order submission report at your email address.

8. Complaints
Complaints regarding the quantity and quality of goods must be reported in writing by the buyer to the seller immediately upon receipt, and no later than 8 days after the shipment of the goods, otherwise the goods are considered accepted and subsequent complaints of visible defects are no longer possible. The buyer has the right to make a claim for hidden defects within six months after the shipment of the goods. Complaints of hidden errors are resolved in accordance with Article 482 of the Obligation Code. The seller is not responsible for any hidden errors that occur after 6 months have passed since the goods were delivered. Damaged goods must be photographed or taken and secured with appropriate specimens and a written complaint record required. Goods returned to the seller must not have any other damage than advertised and must be returned to the seller within the agreed time. If the goods have a defect, the seller has the choice to rectify the defect or to perform a replacement fulfillment. The seller determines whether to replace the defective goods with new goods or to arrange for the defect to be corrected on the original goods or to pay the buyer compensation. As regards the promotion of goods, the parties shall be bound by the rules in force concerning the examination of goods and the reporting of defects in trade. The seller is not obliged to handle inadequately or incompletely documented complaints. The Seller assumes no responsibility for complaints regarding improperly selected goods, improper storage, improper use due to failure to observe technical instructions, use of the product in improper conditions, use of products that have expired or use the seller's product in combination with products of other manufacturers. Before installing the product, the buyer is obliged to check the structure and color nuance. In case of deviation of the structure or color shade from the ordered, the buyer must immediately stop the further use of the product and immediately inform the seller about the detected deviation. The advertised goods must be kept by the buyer until the complaint is resolved. In the event of a complaint, the buyer is obliged to pay the supplier an undisputed part of the purchase price. If it is necessary to dismantle equipment that has not been sold by the supplier in order to obtain a defective or defective product from the supplier, the buyer must the end user will bear the cost of dismantling and re-installing this equipment himself. In the event of a justified complaint, the seller is obliged to arrange for the return and replacement of the defective goods. Complaints regarding the replacement of structures or the installation of an inadequate color shade that are made after the installation of the products are considered to be unfounded and therefore the seller is not obliged to address them. The Seller shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the Buyer's delays in fulfilling the contractual obligations, especially not due to incorrect or inaccurate data, specifications, projects or any other information provided by the Buyer, but shall have the right to claim all possible costs , losses or damages resulting from such conduct. The seller is not liable for any damages that have not occurred directly on the goods, in particular not for indirect damage or costs for lost profit and / or other property and non-material damage of the buyer. The disclaimer described does not apply if the damage is caused intentionally or by gross negligence.

9. Warranty
The seller warrants that the goods sold are flawless in terms of materials, construction and workmanship. For information on the warranty period of individual products, please contact our e-mail address info@hisabudja.si. The seller does not accept the warranty for the goods sold in the following cases: if defects occur due to materials supplied by the buyer, if the buyer changes the product without prior written permission of the seller, if damage or accident occurs due to lack of care, insufficient control or maintenance and improper use product, for other reasons not arising from the equipment and not caused by the seller.

The seller's liability under the warranty is expressly limited to the satisfactory elimination of the defects and excludes the seller's liability for any other damage. Warranty validity is only possible upon submission of a certified seller's warranty card and seller's invoice.

10. Return of goods
The buyer can only return the received goods if there is an explicit prior written agreement with the seller and not later than 14 days after delivery. In that case, the goods must be returned in their original undamaged packaging and bearing the original markings. Goods ordered or made specifically for the customer cannot be returned.

11. Force majeure
If force majeure or other exceptional circumstances occur (eg natural disasters such as fire, flood, earthquake, unforeseen disruption of production due to an epidemic, strike or other interruption of work due to administrative or other administrative restrictions or prohibitions such as embargo or confiscation, restrictions in financial transactions, restrictions on transportation, lack of goods or raw materials at the manufacturer's supplier, reductions in energy supply, and other barriers that are independent of the will of the parties - or events that occur after the conclusion of the contract due to unforeseen and Contingencies, recognized by the Slovenian court as force majeure), the delivery times for goods may be duly extended for the duration of force majeure or other extraordinary circumstances, and in exceptional cases the latter may be the reason for not supplying the goods.

12. Protection of professional secrecy
The Seller and the Buyer undertake to keep all information arising from the contractual documentation and all other information regarding mutual cooperation as a business secret for the duration of the contractual relationship and for at least 5 years after its termination. In particular, the following shall be considered as business secrets: price list, commercial and other sales terms, conditions for promoting sales and advertising, invoices, purchase orders, letters, minutes, contract documents and any other information in material or non-materialized form. The offender is liable for material and non-pecuniary damage. The contracting parties undertake to protect the goodwill of the contractor and its trademarks throughout the cooperation and for at least 5 years after its completion. Due to the foregoing, they should not pass on negative information or opinions about the contractor or any public comment to third parties or the public, except in court in the event of litigation.

13. The validity of the general terms of sale and the territorial jurisdiction of the court
These general terms and conditions of sale are valid for an indefinite period of time or until they are replaced by new ones. These General Terms and Conditions of Sale shall apply in all respects unless the parties have expressly agreed otherwise in writing in advance. The General Terms also apply mutatis mutandis to the seller's services. For individual rights or obligations between seller and buyer-consumer, which are governed by coercive (consumer) consumer protection rules differently from those provided for in these general terms, the relevant relevant consumer protection provisions are directly applicable. If it is not possible to reach an amicable settlement of the disagreements between the parties, the court is competent to settle the dispute at the seller's seat, and Slovenian law is used to assess the contractual provisions. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the seller may also bring legal proceedings in a court of competent jurisdiction even at the seat of the buyer. The parties to the contract regulate all mutual relations solely by applying the law at the seller's registered office. In case of disputes, the Slovenian original of the General Terms and Conditions in question shall be used for judgment.


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